Details and Costs

 What can you expect when you book a program? And how much does this cost?

Besides learning some new things about history and women and the clothes they wore, you can expect to have lots of fun. Audrey Ann Bryce strongly believes having fun while learning is important whether you are nine or ninety.

Here’s how it works…..

  • Set up time is approximately two hours prior to the start of program.
  • A minimum of 5 dress forms are set up and draped with garments representing a popular style worn during different time periods. After all, women in the 19th century desired to be as fashionable as their budgets allowed and like women today they took great advantage of accessories to achieve this.
  • Audiences will see ensembles typically worn during the mid to late 1850’s, 1860, and examples of dresses into the early 1870’s.
  • Each garment is hand-made by the creator of this presentation with meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.
  • The presentation lasts an hour followed by a half hour of Q & A.
  • Audrey Anne Bryce is dressed in period clothing and thus needs a place i.e. room, office, closet etc. to get dressed in. It’s a little easier to dress on site since the crinoline aka hoop skirt makes driving a modern-day vehicle a tad difficult.


The cost of each program is $150.00.  Payment is expected on the day of the presentation unless arrangements are made other wise.  It is quite understandable that in some instances in order for a “check to be cut” paperwork has to be submitted and if such is the case your expediency is greatly appreciated.

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