And the skirt was sooooo wide!

I spent a wonderful day at Masonic Village of Elizabethtown yesterday and thanks to the HistoryFashionTravelers’ newly recruited personal photographer aka Masonic Villages’ own Recreational Program Coordinator, Bianca Hemsch, I can share some pictures with you.

The audience members were so engaging and this group really knows their history!  Following my ‘historical’ talk, the fun begins with fellow seamstresses coming up to get a closer look and then we really get down to talking sewing.

Thank you Bianca for allowing me to share my passion!

DSC_0014 (1)

Checking hem details


Undersleeves fit many different dresses.

DSC_0034 (1)DSC_0032 (1)

DSC_0027 (1)

Closer look at a sheer dress worn in summer.

DSC_0011 (1)

Oh my, they are crotchless!!!

DSC_0023 (1) DSC_0024 (1) DSC_0017 (1) DSC_0026 (1)

DSC_0015 (1)

Checking hem details



Belt details


DSC_0021 (1) DSC_0029 DSC_0034 (1)

One thought on “And the skirt was sooooo wide!

  1. Bianca says:

    Thank you for presenting a wonderful and engaging program to the residents of Masonic Village Elizabethtown. The gowns were absolutely beautiful, and the residents enjoyed being able to explore the fabric and stitching up close and personal! Karen Benn is one of the best speakers we have had in recent years!


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