Find the Paris space invaders — Paris here and there

Looking for space invaders in Paris is a great activity, for all sorts of reasons. The main reason I like it is that if forces you to look up, to take notice of your surroundings in a different way, to pay attention to parts of buildings that you would not normally look at. It’s a […]

via Find the Paris space invaders — Paris here and there

Ok… I know most of you will look at this post and think to yourselves, what the heck is she writing about now?

Where’s the history?
Where’s the fashion?
Where’s the traveler?

So the traveler in me wants desperately to go to Paris. I spend evenings practicing French with my online tutorial Babble and in an effort to sustain the dream I’ve immersed myself in French cooking – merci, Julia Child, and I drink French wine as often as I can… purely to aid in my studies of French culture.

I even have a beautiful, smart and lovely black Standard Poodle named ‘Chanel’. Yes, that’s her real name and here she is:

With all of that to my credit you can see why I love following this woman’s blog. The writing is good, her pictures are wonderful and she’s got the best inside advice for those planning a trip to the city of light.

You know the drill. Check her out here: , read her stuff and click lots of likes and follow her blog and share with others.

Then, when you’re planning your trip to Paris you’ll be well prepared.

Before I close let me know if any of you knew about this artist? Do you have any of these postings in your city? I’d love to know. I’m really fascinated by this and I just think it’s brilliant.
Share your thoughts with me…until then have fun reading about Paris.

Bon jour!

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