Cuppa tea love?

Happy Monday everyone!

Each month I do postcard mailings to let people know about the program(s) I do and as a result of my last group of post cards I may have to bring along a chamber pot during the month of May.  There’s going to be lots of tea poured as I talk history in a fashionable way and that’s just fine with me.   I’m always good for a cup of tea and bring on the scones with the clotted cream….

Spring is a perfect time to share a cup of tea; its what the ladies of the 19th century did when they got together.   It was a time they could show off their baking skills, their newest china or even a new frock.

I’m working on some new summer frocks to show off and talk about starting in May and I’m pretty excited about them.  The additions to my mid-19 century wardrobe are moving on to the 1870’s and 1880’s.    You know what that means….. bring on the lobster bustle!

Until then, I’ll have to go easy on the scones;  I won’t be able to remove my corset until the end of the 19th century.Lady with tea cups

I’ll leave you with a laugh for the rest of the week.  Here’s a crazy picture I found of a lady serving tea?     Sorry, I couldn’t resist….    take care.




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