What happens when a love of history and a passion for fashion come together? A wonderful historical presentation is born. Karen Benn is the creator of the History Fashion Traveler’s living history program. Through the persona of Mrs. Audrey Anne Bryce she delights audiences of all ages with her trunk show filled with the most fashionable styles worn during pivotal times in American history.

Please click on the menu items listed above to find out more about a program that can enhance your life long learning program, entertain and educate audiences  at your church fundraiser, or provide an opportunity for your students to peek into history and see how politics quite often had a determined position on the latest fashions.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome

      • Morgana Martin, the magicvintagespy says:

        How neat that you’re doing a show from the Twentieth Century! Most of the items I have from the 1920’s are accessories, since garments from that era were often delicate or hard-used daily attire. Since I don’t tend to buy from archivists or “collections” and always keep my purse strings tight, the things that I do find have been well-concealed or “on the lam” for years. But, that’s what makes the fun of finding them out!
        YOU are an inspiration with your creative know-how and inventive show. Enterprising you!
        Thanks for your note. We’ve obviously got a passion in common and should keep in touch. I travel a great deal and so am not always in a position to share photos but am always investigating . . . . .


      • Morgana Martin, the magicvintagespy says:

        Today I posted a couple of dressing gowns and one of them might be late 1920’s. Although it looks very ’30’s, I was surprised to learn that Coco Chanel introduced that sleek,strappy bias-cut style in the late Thirties (in black). One of the movies about her beginnings as a designer shows her wearing it to a formal dance while all the other women are wearing pastel, floral frou-frou stuff. Revolutionary! Sorry that the design of my gown doesn’t show up too well in the photo because of the bed-jacket I’ve added on top. Maybe an idea for some of your research. Au revoir . .. . . . . . . .


  1. Lorna says:

    Thank you for following my blog! I hope you enjoy my writing and experiences. My interest in fashion is not so passionate, but what does excite me is someone that writes with passion. Your prose is delicious to read, so smooth and flowing, even when describing simple experiences. I had also never considered fashion as a symptom of society/politics… I’m looking forward to the reads.

    Take care.


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